There is a significant talent gap across many industries where there is tremendous demand for innovation (Bullhorn, 2016): Technology (77%), Healthcare and Business Services (74%), Government (70%), Pharmaceuticals, Biotech and Medical Equipment ( 64%).

It is also critical to note that effective communication is an essential ingredient in building synergy that connects customers to your business products and services.

Unfortunately, some organizations remain reluctant to embrace the idea that while technical acuity is important, effective communicators with analytical and creative business skills combine with technical know-how, increases the probability for success.

In a recent survey on “The Cost of Poor Communications”, 400 major enterprise companies with about 100,000 employees each cited an annual average revenue loss of $62 million spent on projects that were abandoned, due to inadequate communications (SHRM, 2016).

At the core of our business services is communications. CorvusSphere Consulting brings the skill sets required to execute successful project and program deliverables from start-to-finish.